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Future Forward Skills Fund

The Future Forward Skills Fund aims to support and mentor effective market-based employability solutions in select sectors that address aspirations of young people and prepare them for a dynamic and uncertain future.

Focus Sectors

The focus sectors for the purpose of this round of request for proposals (RFP) are Empathy & Care and Hand skills.

    Empathy & Care:
  • Relevant for roles across unorganised and organised sector that enables quality customer experience and help establish a connect with the consumer.
  • Portable skill set that is transferable across sectors (e.g. soft skills, social engagement, personal effectiveness, caregiving). The portability of skills helps in adapting to new roles and moving across sectors based on demand.
  • Sectors include Caregiving, Housekeeping/Domestic Help, Healthcare, Hospitality, etc.
    Hand skills:
  • Relevant for roles where livelihoods depend on the dexterity of hand skills.
  • Cover a wide range of sectors including creative fields like Handicrafts, Textiles, Apparel Finishing, Architecture, Conservation, etc.

Support Across Skilling Value Chain

Organisations that have developed training solutions, have markets or employers as an integral partner, can deliver longevity of employment and measurable income premium to young aspirants; should apply to the Fund. Organisations will be supported not only with financial resources but also mentoring and access to a credible national platform with India’s leading philanthropic and impact institutions.

The Fund would support solutions across three critical stages for young aspirants.

Future Forward Skills Research

The research vertical of the Skills Mission seeks to build hard evidence, analysis and actionable insights on the future of work in India.

Given the dynamic nature of work, absence of India-specific macro trends, and the challenges of effective solutions for India; there is need for research to guide key stakeholders towards future-ready and resilient employability solutions.

Focus areas for Research:

The research agenda under the Mission would focus on enhancing understanding, trends and insights around:

  • Aspirations of the youth workforce in India (informal and formal sectors)
  • Market progression for employment opportunities in formal and informal sectors
  • Labour market movement and dynamics in organised and unorganised sectors
  • Future of skills, work-readiness and self-employment opportunities for low-income communities
  • Identify gaps, recognise key enablers and resources required to address India’s employability challenge

The research vertical will:

  • Produce an annual flagship research report on ‘Future of Work’ in India with clear trends and insights on a specific focus sector or demographic (for each year)
  • Compile insights from mission projects and partners
  • Disseminate evidence and insights for effective solutions to inform policy

Future Forward Skills Dialogues

Future Forward Skills Dialogues aim to create an engaged learning platform for key stakeholders to share trends, successful industry/market-skill solutions, best practices in skill development, and insights from failures and amplify them to a larger audience of funders, influencers, employers, training organisations and aspirants. The expected outcome(s) are:

  • A dynamic peer knowledge platform for effective future-ready solutions that advance employability
  • Deep informed engagement and partnerships among various players in the ecosystem
  • Access to credible resources for key stakeholders on solution design

Dialogues Channels:

Dialogues under the Mission will convene through digital mediums and events for greater outreach, engagement and impact amongst key stakeholders.