Q: I am interested in applying. Where do I start?

A: All applicants are encouraged to go over the application process here before starting the application journey. It explains the eligibility criteria, deadlines and the process.

Q: Does my application need to be in English?

A: Only applications in English are being accepted.

Q: Who is eligible to apply?

A: Any non-profit organisation (Trust / Societies / Section 8 Company) with an operating track record of over 2 years is eligible to apply. The non- profit organisation should meet the key criteria for the proposed solution.

Q: Am I eligible to apply if I am funded by other funders organisation for the same solution?

A: Yes. Organisations will have to provide clear distinction on how each funder is uniquely helping the solution to be proven and scaled.

Q: Am I eligible to apply if I am a for- profit company working on a social cause?

A: Only non-profits (Trust / Societies / Section 8 Company) can apply. For-profit enterprises with promising ideas, are encouraged to apply as a partnership through a non‐profit partner. Please get in touch with us before applying.

Q:I don’t have an FCRA registration. Will this affect my application?

A: Organisations with FCRA registration are preferred. However, applications will be accepted even if organisations do not have FCRA registration.

Q: I have an interesting concept that has not been tested. Can I apply for the award?

A: At this stage, only solutions with an established proof of concept will be considered. The solution must be viable to scale and should have impacted 1000 or more lives.

Q: What is the deadline for the application submission?

A: The deadline for application submission is 16 January 2018.

Q: When will the shortlisted applications be announced?

A: The results of the detailed application submission will be announced by mid February. Shortlisted applicants are invited to present their pitch in the fourth week of February (around 21st February).

Q: Can I submit more than one application per round?

A: Only one application can be submitted per applicant. Organisations are encouraged to submit their best solution.

Q: Can I edit my application after it has been submitted?

A: An application can be saved and edited any number of times before it is submitted. No changes can be made after submitting the application.

Q: What are the evaluation criteria for the application?

A: Initial screening of the organisation in terms of regulatory and compliance requirements is done through the applicant assessment. Selection Panel experts will be encouraged to champion applications according to the following criteria:
Mission Alignment
Monitoring & Evaluation Framework
Implementation: Team, Work Plan & Budget

The pitch presented to the Selection Panel will be evaluated on:
Clarity of Solution & Feasibility
Execution Capability

Q: How many awards are given per round?

A: The Selection Panel will decide on the number of awards to be given based on the quality of applications and alignment with the overall Mission. The first round of the Fund is expected to give awards to 4-6 organisations.

Q: How is the quantum of the award determined?

A: The total amount that will be disbursed in the first round of the Fund is Rs. 2.5 Crores. The Selection Panel will decide the quantum to be awarded based on the work plan and budget submitted as part of the application.

Q: How will the funding be disbursed?

A: Funding will be disbursed in 3-4 tranches and will be monitored.

Q: Apart from the award, what other support does the Mission provide?

A: The Mission provides mentoring, implementation support and capability building by experts to awardees. DFID will support the social impact evaluation for the Mission.

Q: What happens after the award support ends?

A: The Mission mentors and supports awardees for the duration of the grant. Organisations may re-apply after the support ends for one cycle subject to meeting qualifying criteria for subsequent rounds.

Q: What supporting documents would my organisation need?

A: Shortlisted organisations will be asked to provide documents pertaining to registration, compliance, finances, organisational policies and monitoring & evaluation framework.

Q: Whom should I contact if I have any questions?

A: Please reach out to info@ffsm.in for any assistance.